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A L I E N Archives is a fan-curated, online compendium of vintage production documents, memorabilia and critical writing relating to Twentieth Century Fox’s ALIEN film series and its associated properties. Our focus is principally on sharing more obscure materials and information that is often overlooked or unavailable on other ALIEN fansites, and in the highest quality available: production documents like concept art, storyboards, cast and crew lists, props and sheet music; original marketing materials like press kits, posters, early official website content and home video promos; and tie-in merchandise like comic books, novels, video games, figures–and stranger novelties still.

Our articles and podcast will often have a stronger technical focus on the various filmmaking aspects of the series (i.e. cinematography, music scores, editing and special effects techniques) provided as a reference to filmmakers looking to study and learn from these brilliantly constructed films. Comparisons and reviews of the various home video releases will additionally be presented, along with regularly updated lists of theatrical screenings in the US.

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ALIEN Archives is a non-profit fansite that is not affiliated in any way with Twentieth Century Fox. Alien, Aliens, Predator, Aliens Versus Predator, AvP et al and their associated logos are trademarks of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All other images, materials, copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

*We are also entirely unaffiliated with the ALIEN: The Archive book published by Titan Books, but otherwise highly recommend it.


The curator of Alien Archives has been a devoted fan of the series since childhood. She has met several members of the cast and crew of the original films, and has been collecting production material and memoribilia related to the series for two decades. She resides in Hollywood, CA.

The chief archivist of Alien Archives resides in the EU, and their comprehensive archive of Alien-related material stretches back nearly three decades. Many of the files and photos in their archive have disappeared from the internet or otherwise been lost to time, and we are excited to begin sharing them with our readers.

Producer – Rishon T. Marrell
Rishon produces and co-hosts the forthcoming Alien Archives Podcast, as well as selected video content. He resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Social Media Coordinator – Tom Palleschi
Tom is a filmmaker who has been an active member of the fan community for a decade now. He resides in Rhode Island.


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