ALIENS Magazine: Highlights from the Dark Horse International Publication

Dark Horse’s various Aliens comics series have been a franchise mainstay since the late-80s, and are still going strong at the time of this writing; adaptations of William Gibson’s rejected Alien 3 screenplay and the Aliens: Resistance series are running concurrently.

While US readers were presented with the various comics in traditionally published form, the UK market’s first look at the series came in the form of Aliens magazine, a monthly serial that reprinted Aliens and Predator comics from the US market–as well as exclusive additional material that US readers did not get, including interviews with the filmmakers, in-universe articles about alien biology and technical readouts, and even an entire comic series, Aliens: Crusade, that was left unfinished and has never been completed, compiled or reissued in any form since (more on Crusade from Alien Archives soon). A spinoff publication for the Alien 3 comic adaptation was also produced, using the same format and again with exclusive content. For a more detailed overview of Aliens Magazine, please see the respective article on Xenopedia.

Presented below are some excerpts of the exclusive content from various issues of the magazine, none of which have been collected or republished since, and are scarce in the US.

“Under the Knife”


“Bug Hunt” Q&A’s / Misc

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